Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World Malaria Day 2013

Ever since 2007, April 25th has been known as World Malaria Day, giving people the opportunity to spread awareness about this life-threatening disease.  Malaria is caused by parasites transmitted through mosquitos, infecting more than 200 million people and killing over 600,000 annually mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.  

There are two main forms of prevention: investing in insecticide-treated mosquito nets and spraying residual insecticides indoors.  Mosquito nets, large enough to cover two people, act as a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night.  Targeted insecticide spraying helps to kill mosquitoes and their eggs, thus reducing the rate of malaria transmission.  

In 1951, malaria was officially eliminated from the United States.  Our mission to combat malaria succeeded through extensive preventative measures.  If our nation can be freed from this lethal disease, we can contribute to the future freedom of other countries in need through small donations to programs which contribute to the prevention and treatment of the disease, as well as raising awareness of this epidemic. 

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