Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Dream for Africa

Africa.  What comes to mind when you think of the continent of Africa?  When the continent of Africa enters into a topic of conversation, what enters your mind?  Famine.  Drought.  Inequality.  Deaths.  Those are only a few of the thoughts that enter into my mind.  My husband and I are sponsors to a young boy in Ethiopia; although $35 a month may be able to get him into school and provide him with the supplies he needs, clean water, nutritious food, and health care, that still does not solve the economic problems that he will continue to face in his lifetime.  This is where I found my calling to create Regenerated Hope.

In the beginning stages of Regenerated Hope, I am still developing my master business plan, determining the changes I would like to see made in order to attain a sustainable level of development in deprived regions of Africa.  Take Somalia as an example, a country in which pirates used violence to take over, because a central government has been absent for over 20 years.  If no major changes are made, then these extreme conditions will not be rectified.  In February of this year, there was an article featured in The Economist titled “How do you solve a problem like Somalia?” and it shows the main challenges broken down into security, food, and business.  All in all, it is not to say that Somalia can be regenerated in the next few years; however, there is hope.  With persistence, I know we can see a brighter future for it and its residents.  That is what inspires me to start my non-profit.  It is time we see change.  It is time we fight for justice.  It is time for us to regenerate hope within people lacking.  

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